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Z Helene – Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher – Reviews "Unveiling"

Z Helene – Noted Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, “Herstorian,” and Spiritual Visionary – Reviews Unveiling: The Inner Journey

The newest 5-star Amazon review of Unveiling – posted just last evening – is by noted dancer, author, choreographer, teacher and “herstorian” Z Helene Christopher.

Z Helene’s review is absolutely wonderful! Not just because it’s a glowing endorsement (it is), but because she so adroitly summarizes the thoughts, themes, and interwoven concepts and sources for Unveiling: The Inner Journey.

By reading her review, you’ll get a great sense of Unveiling’s nature – and also learn how a creative dancer, thoughtful researcher, and spiritual leader such as Z Helene applies Unveiling to her own life.

Z Helene writes:

Alay’nya has created a cohesive and enlightening gestalt that is both relevant and extremely useable, and this, I believe, is her true gift as an authoress. Potentially difficult information is presented in a way that is digestible and immediately accessible. We get practical hands-on exercises throughout the book (and at the end of each chapter) to guide us on our quests towards individuation. From tips on posture, poise, and presence to breathing and journaling techniques, Unveiling can also be considered a workbook to be used for small group study, akin to Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.








To read Z Helene’s review, please go to Amazon’s Unveiling page, and then scroll down and click on “See all 19 customer reviews”:








If you’ve already read Unveiling, please go to the Amazon page and “Find Helpful” Z Helene’s review. (Also, please “Find Helpful” other 5-star reviews by noted scholars and author such as Morocco (writing as Carolina V. Dinicu), Donald Michael Kraig, Julie Rahm, and others.)

Then, go to Z Helene’s own site and read her excellent papers! I particularly like her one on Middle Eastern Dance: The Emergence of the New Sacred Temple Priestess. I’m finding what she writes is true in my own life, and you may find that you resonate with this as well. (Note also that Z Helene has produced some excellent instruction and performance DVDs; check them out – she’s received widespread accolades and respect for her work.)

If you haven’t yet read Unveiling, first read Z Helene’s review – which makes now for a total of EIGHTEEN 5-star Amazon reviews (yippee!!!), and then order your own copy as either a trade paper or Kindle edition.

Or if you’d like to get a dated, numbered, and signed copy, the Unveiling website gives info on book signings, radio and TV appearances, and other events.

You can purchase signed copies of Unveiling at these great independent bookstores:

North Virginia: One More Page Books in Falls Church, VA, offers books (with an emphasis on local interest/local authors), interesting wines, and exotic chocolates. What better combination for a sensual weekend of reading?

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(And just for fun, read Arlington Magazine’s recent feature article about One More Page Books.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Bookworks is a locally-owned, locally-operated, independent bookstore that was founded in 1984. “We were indie before indie was cool.”

If you’re out-of-town, or can’t make it to either of these events (or to one of Unveiling’s much-loved indie bookstores), you can STILL get a specially-inscribed (dated, numbered, signed) copy of Unveiling through Cleopatra’s Closet. (Order your copies now and stockpile as Christmas presents!)

If you’re teaching dance, consider using Unveiling as “recommended reading” for your students. And if you’re a member of a book circle, consider using Unveiling as one of your selected readings.

If you’re truly feeling ambitious, follow the Seasonal Study Guide with Unveiling, using the references for each chapter to augment your own self-discovery and unfolding.

Have a lovely, wonderful, and blessed day!

Yours in dance – Alay’nya