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Book Review – "The Survivor Tree" by Cheryl Somers Aubin

“The Survivor Tree,” by Cheryl Somers Aubin, and beautifully illustrated by Sheila Harrington, has warmed, melted, and deeply touched my heart. The core message of this book is that “survivors can heal” – and that even though those of us who survive any kind of life-ordeal may be scarred and damaged, we can still be beautiful.

The illustrations are exquisite, and touch me deeply – they perfectly complement the story.

A delightful You Tube video interview with Cheryl shares how she was inspired to write this book, succinctly captures the story line, and shows several of the deeply moving illustrations.

This is a book that I will give to friends who have undergone any kind of challenging life-ordeal, from which they emerge as “survivors.” It has a reach well beyond those impacted by 9/11, to the broader community of those who “survive” harrowing experiences. It will deeply help their healing process.