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You’re already on a journey – but which one? There are five.

Knowing your own journey gives you insight – predictability – control.

Immediate 5-point checklist determine your inner journey now!

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Unveiling: The Inner Journey has more than twenty 5-star Amazon reviews.

Unveiling: The Inner Journey has more than twenty 5-star Amazon reviews.

Unveiling: The Inner Journey is a book. It’s also the Unveiling Community – a fast-growing group of people compelled by three powerful life questions:

  1. Is there a roadmap for personal growth after we’ve achieved career and family success?
  2. Do we have an authentic, practical body/mind/psyche/energy integration pathway?
  3. Can we access our very own Fountain of Youth?

The answer to each is “Yes”!

The starting place is Unveiling: The Inner Journey, now with more than twenty 5-star Amazon reviews.

World Leaders Lauding Unveiling

Unveiling: The Inner Journey, by Alay’nya (Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.) was published in July, 2011 by Mourning Dove Press.

The Provocative New Approach to Creating a Women’s Integration Pathway!

Using Unveiling as a roadmap, women today can confidently chart their way to a new realm of personal fulfillment and happiness.

Drawing on a centuries-old “secret code” describing our life journeys, Unveiling shows that the “true path” for adult women is to access all of who we are, instead of being limited to one or two “roles.” Along the way, we find that we have our own unique Heroine’s Quest, distinctively different (and for women, much more powerful) than the classic Hero’s Quest.

Building on years of study with master teachers from the martial arts as well as from Oriental dance, Unveiling shows how the ancient women’s pathway of Oriental dance (“belly dance”) helps them cultivate and unify their total essence.

Finally, there really is a Fountain of Youth! Unveiling reveals the unique power that women have to access and use their sacred, sexual feminine energy!

Personal Pathworking steps help readers unveil their own inner journey, revealing their inner beauty, wisdom, power, and – most of all – their sensual juiciness.

Editorial Reviews Acclaim Unveiling

  • Midwest Book Review, in Bethany’s Books – reviews by Susan Bethany – “highly recommended.”
  • Nizana al Rassan, writing for iShimmy.com (now out of circulation) – “a fascinating read with so much wisdom and solid advice.”
  • McLean Connection“[a] groundbreaking book … full of research and stories.”

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