Geek-to-Goddess with Alay’nya: 7 Points, 60 Seconds, Total Transformation!

Do you ever feel that the way that you hold yourself makes you look “geeky”?

How to overcome your 'inner geek' - the 7-step, 60-second 'Geek-to-Gorgeous' transformation!

How to overcome your ‘inner geek’ – the 7-step, 60-second ‘Geek-to-Gorgeous’ transformation!

When you look sideways in a mirror, or catch a glimpse of yourself reflected in a store window as you walk, do you see any of these tell-tale problems:

  • Sway back – lower back tension pulling up your lower back, gives appearance of a –
  • Potbelly – whether “real” or resulting from poor posture, and finally the –
  • Dreaded Dowager’s Hump!

Any one of these can make you look older; diminish your natural vitality and “inner glow.”

Geek-to-Goddess will help you totally transform how you move, act, and hold your body, so that you immediately:

  • Command attention,
  • Exude confidence, and
  • Get what you want!

This simple 7-point Geek-to-Goddess Checklist – drawn from studies with T’ai Ch’i and Oriental dance Master Teachers – will help anyone (male or female, of any age) easily and immediately transform their physical presence and dramatically increase personal charisma.

John Monsul, Host/Producer of Fairfax County's Channel 10 'Communicating Today' with Guest Alay'nya (Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.), on Show #628, September 10, 2012.

John Monsul, Host/Producer of Fairfax County’s Channel 10 Communicating Today with Guest Alay’nya (Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.), on Show #628, September 10, 2012.

Watch the Geek-to-Goddess 4-minute teaching on YouTube, first shown on Communicating Today with Host/Producer John Monsul, Show #628, September 10, 2012.

Seven key transformation points are:

  1. Anchor – create the kinesthetic visualization of a boat anchor dropping down from the center of your body, aligning your pelvis (keep your knees bent),
  2. Lotus blossom – lengthen up your spine, imagining that a beautiful lotus grows from your coccyx to your crown, and is blooming at the top of your head,
  3. Lift up your heart – release tension in your diaphragm, rib cage, and sternum, and actively “lift” your diaphragm,
  4. Reflect light – “bounce light” off your pectoral muscles and clavicles,
  5. Wings of a Dove – open up inside and under your arms,
  6. Release tension – in your neck, head, and jaw, and
  7. Come from within – cultivate “inner strength” with strong core abdominal muscles).

More Resources for Your Geek-to-Goddess Transformation

YouTube Resources for Geek-to-Goddess

Learn beautiful snake arm techniques – and release back tension, minimize carpal tunnel tendencies – by practicing belly dance in water with Alay’nya, in a video clip taken from a private Unveiling release party hosted by Nicole Cutts, Ph.D., Founder of Vision Quest Retreats.

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How to use Principles to instantly maximize breakthroughs in your dance performance:

… A principle is a single unifying and guiding idea that when we apply it to our alignment or movement, helps us move more effectively. An advantage of using a principles-based approach to dance or martial arts mastery is that it lets us use a single visualization or body sense to achieve a desired result, instead of having to remember lots of little details. [From Fabulous Hip Drops in 30 Seconds or Less!, by Alay’nya, published in The Gilded Serpent, January 18, 2013.

The Gilded Serpent, Journal of Record for Middle Eastern Music, Dance, and Belly Dance.

The Gilded Serpent, Journal of Record for Middle Eastern Music, Dance, and Belly Dance.

Two Alay’nya articles – available freely online – in The Gilded Serpent, Journal of Record for Middle Eastern Music, Dance, and Belly Dance – will help you fine-tune your Geek-to-Goddess transformation:


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How Quickly Can We Become Better? – 3 Tips to Improve Your Dance: Corporate Amazon transforms to Hathor, the Goddess of Love and Pleasure

by Alay’nya (Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.)
Posted June 11, 2012

All of us want our dance to be beautiful and captivating. Yet often, especially when we are new, we see a great distance between our own movements and the expressive power of our teachers or the favorites whom we watch on YouTube clips and DVDs. Is there a way to accelerate the process of becoming better? If so, what are the secrets?

We typically impose limiting expectations on ourselves. We may think that we’re at a disadvantage, compared to those whom we admire, because frequently, we have begun dance training as mature adults, and often hold full-time day jobs and other commitments. The truth is, though, that Oriental dance is a perfect realm in which we can experience “breakthroughs”. Indeed, we can develop that mesmerizing quality that inspired us to take up the study of dance!

As adults, even as beginners in our art, we can become powerful and alluring. The secrets? They are threefold: (Continue reading at: How Quickly Can We Become Better?.) Copyright (c) Gilded Serpent, LLC.

Fabulous Hip Drops in 30 Seconds or Less! (A Gilded Serpent Exclusive with Alay’nya)

Gilded Serpent presents…
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by Alay’nya (Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.)
posted January 18, 2013

Martial Arts Principles and Relevance to Oriental Dance

Alay'nya with veil

Alay’nya with veil: Veils frame us and give greater expressiveness in dance

… Dancers and martial artists both use principles in mastering their art. For example, Martha Graham, one of the most important American modern dancers and choreographers of the last century, built a number of movements based on what she called principles of “expansion and contraction”.

… There are several important principles that can be applied to dance. For the purpose of this dance discussion, the single principle that can transform your hip drops, and in fact all of your dance, is that of anchoring.

(Continue reading at: Fabulous Hip Drops in 30 Seconds or Less!.) Copyright (c) Gilded Serpent, LLC.