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7 Things Your Inner Hestia Wants to Do before Spring Arrives

Hestia, Your Inner Goddess of Hearth and Home, REALLY Wants to Get Some Spring-Cleaning Done

In this first week of March, 2014, we’re in a funny little transition zone.

The cats are restless. They’re running around the house, chasing each other and getting into mischief. They want to go out.

Heavens, I want to go out.

But we’ve got a thick layer of new snow, which rests on a thick layer of ice.

Actually, layers of snow and ice intermingled, treacherous footing underneath.

This weekend, it will be warm. (That is, finally hitting the seasonal averages, which have seemed so far out of reach all winter.)

This weekend, we’re all going to get out.

Last Sunday, people were flooding into the grocery stores, looking (once again) for the Oh-my-God-we’re-going-to-be-snowed-in-supplies.

This Sunday, people will be looking for pansies.

Our Inner Hestia Gets Us Ready for the Magic of Spring

Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Guinevere in the original movie version of Camelot.

Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Guinevere in the original movie version of Camelot.

Spring is really all about sex.

You remember that song from the (first) movie, The Merry Month of May, from Camelot (both the original musical and 1967 movie).

It’s not just humans who are into that “lusty month,” and it’s not just robins and squirrels. Nature is having herself an orgiastic splendor. That’s what flowers are all about.

{To be continued – in March, 2017. The original blog post was interrupted by the Tower moments that you’ve seen in the blogs that have come shortly after this one. Blog updates began – most recently – with Those Tower Moments, and will continue (unless there is a new Tower-moment – on at least a monthly basis going forward. Xoxo – A.}