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Archetypes, Pathworking, and the Fountain of Youth

There are three core themes in Unveiling: The Inner Journey:

  • Archetypes: Our “high-level roadmap” for personal power. This is the 10,000-foot-high view of our life-journey.
  • Pathworking: What we do on a day-to-day basis; this includes using a body art (such as Oriental dance, or the martial arts) for body awareness and integration. This also includes tension release and processing our emotional “stuff” – the emotional tensions and reactions that we store in our bodies.
  • Fountain of Youth: Intrinsic vital energy (ch’i) cultivation and circulation, and what we can do with our ch’i once we’ve cultivated enough to have something that lets us be effective.

In this Unveiling blog, I am currently focusing on the archetypes. This is largely new material that builds on the subjects of Chapters 7 and 11 of Unveiling.

In the Alay’nya blog, I focus on the Pathworking and creating our very own Fountain of Youth. The Pathworking develops material presented in Part II (Chapter 8), and Parts III – VI of Unveiling. The original Fountain of Youth material is in Chapter 29, “Pragmatic Esoterics” of Unveiling. What I’m developing in the Alay’nya blog has more to do with practical steps; the Unveiling material itself was more high-level and conceptual.