Unveiling: The Inner Journey – Available Three Different Ways!

You can order copies, learn more using online resources, or begin an in-depth study with Alay’nya.

Your Personal Style Tells You How to Order Your Own Unveiling

What kind of person are you? (Hint: You may be more than one!)

Which of these three different ordering methods works best for you?:

Alay'nya signing Unveiling at the Jewels dance show at Vespucci Italian Restaurant, Fairfax, VA, July 29, 2011. Photo by kirene. Used with permission.

Alay’nya signing Unveiling at the Jewels dance show at Vespucci Italian Restaurant, Fairfax, VA, July 29, 2011. Photo by kirene. Used with permission.

  1. Hard Charger: Your Amazon persona dictates getting immediate results. Download the Kindle version from Amazon and be reading in minutes.
  2. Sensualist: You love the feeling of a book in your hands. Which Sensualist are you?
    • Meditative Sensualist: You love to pamper yourself by retreating into your private zone with a good book and your favorite beverage. Order the trade paper version from Amazon and cradle the book in your lap as you sip a seasonal treat or glass of wine.
    • Sensory Stimulus Siren: The actual process of shopping thrills you. You love to not only see options, but to juxtapose them. You’re invigorated by all delights of the senses. Visit one of these lovely independent bookstores, each of which has unique charm! (Some offer wine and chocolate, some offer jewelry and gifts, all are worth a Saturday outing with friends or a quick stop-by after work.)
  3. Nurturer/Mentor: You want your nearest and dearest to have the same deep resonance and discovery that you’ve had. Send your favorite people an autographed and gift-wrapped copy! Order a gift-wrapped and signed, dated, and numbered copy for each of your most-favorite persons. (Check out additional gift options as well!)

Use Online Resources to Kick-Start Your Own Inner Journey

Unveiling is gaining world-wide acclaim, now with twenty 5-star Amazon reviews!

Three steps will help you learn more – and stay current:

Unveiling, by Alay'nya, currently has an overall five-star Amazon rating.

Unveiling, by Alay’nya, currently has an overall five-star Amazon rating.

  1. Read Unveiling extracts online: Use Amazon’s Look Inside feature to get started while your book is downloading or being shipped. Use the Resources page to access more excerpts. Read the Reviews by people whose interests are closest to yours.
  2. Read the Blog: Your Heroic Journey. Your core power archetypes. Your life path, with new insights. Alay’nya’s inner journey didn’t stop with the book publication; why should yours? Go to the Blog, and start reaching! (Use the Categories and Tags widgets in the right-hand sidebar to investigate the topics that interest you the most.)
  3. Stay Connected: Alay’nya offers workshops, public lectures, and private coaching. To learn more, and to stay connected, sign up to receive Alay’nya’s weekly email using the Opt-In Form in the right-hand sidebar.

Going Deeper: Study Directly with Alay’nya

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